Baccarat Game Play

Baccarat ranks right up there along with blackjack and poker as one of the most popular card games around.
When playing baccarat, the cards are dealt from a shoe holding either 6 or 8 decks of cards. The house dealer deals out two hands to the baccarat players the “banker” hand and the “player” hand. The player has three options for betting, which he or she must make before being dealt the hand: he or she may place a bet on the banker hand, the player hand, or a tie.

The payout on winning bets is determined as follows: bets on the banker or player are paid out at 1:1. A commission is typically charged on bank bets however usually equal to 5% which makes the odds on bets such as these 0.95 to 1. There are some casinos however that will take a lower commission sometimes even as low as 4%.

The payout on tie bets tend to vary between baccarat games, with some paying out 8:1, while others paying out 9:1.

In the event of a tie, any bets on the banker or the player are returned to the baccarat player. Once the bet has been placed however, the baccarat player may not make any further changes to his or her decision.